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Learn the basics of your remote control

Reminder: To control your TV, VCR, DVD player, or another device, your remote needs to be programmed for that device.

SAT/TV/VCR/AUX SAT/TV/VCR/AUX: These buttons let you select which device the remote will control.
POWER buttons POWER buttons: The larger red button is the power button for the mode (SAT/TV/VCR/AUX) currently selected. The smaller red button is the power button for your TV.
MENU MENU: Displays the menu for the device you are controlling.
TV/VIDEO TV/VIDEO: Changes your TV's video modes.
PAGE UP/DOWN PAGE UP/DOWN: Lets you navigate through the programming guide one page at a time. When watching a program, you can use these buttons to change the picture format (HD-capable receivers only).
Volume VOLUME: Increases or decreases the volume of your TV or surround sound system.
mute MUTE: Mutes the volume.
GUIDE GUIDE: Displays the programming guide.
SELECT SELECT: Confirms a selection.

Arrow buttons

Arrow buttons: Changes the channel and lets you navigate through the programming guide. When watching a program, the right arrow (BROWSE) brings up the browse banner. The left arrow (THEME) lets you search for programs by theme.
recall RECALL: Returns you to the last channel you were watching.
INFO INFO: Displays program information for the current program. If you're in the programming guide or browse banner, it will display the information for the highlighted program.
View live tv VIEW LIVE TV: Returns you to live TV from almost any menu.
cancel CANCEL: Returns you to the previous menu and lets you clear certain on-screen messages.
pvr PVR: When pressed once, displays the My Recordings page. When pressed a second time, displays your daily schedule.
SKIP BACK SKIP BACK: Skips the program you're watching back by 10 seconds.
skipforward SKIP FWD: Skips forward by 30 seconds when watching a pre-recorded program.
BACK/FWD BACK/FWD: Let you rewind or fast forward a program at speeds of up to 300x.
STOP STOP: Stops a recorded event from playing. If you're watching a live program and have paused it, STOP takes you back to live TV.
play PLAY: Plays a paused recording or a recording from the My Recordings list.
pause PAUSE: Pauses and unpauses a recorded or live program.
RECORD RECORD: Records a program instantly, or lets you set-up a recurring event timer.
Numbered buttons Numbered buttons: Let you enter a channel number in the programming guide or while watching a program. Numbered buttons can also be used navigate within the MENU; simply press the number that matches the option you want to select. For example, if you're in the main menu and want the system setup option, you can simply press the number 6.
pound # (Pound): Displays the Search menu. From there, you can search for a program by title or keywords.
star * (Star): Lets you change the zoom mode of the channel you're watching on HD-capable receivers.